Manchester City will not up Stones offer – Everton aren’t bovved

Manchester City have told Everton that they will not up their offer of £40m to meet the Everton asking price in a take it or leave it ultimatum.

Most of the UK press is leading on the story which comes hot on the heels of Pep Guardiola admitting to the press that he is interested in signing the player.

Everton won’t be bothered and will just keep the player.  End Story.

Should Manchester City put up or shut up?

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  1. City fans are NOT BOVVED either pal, in all honesty most City fans I’m aware of don’t want Stones, we don’t want your over rated over inflated cast offs. You’re nothing but a feeder club surviving off an average academy.

  2. It’s quite remarkable how Everton live in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to valuations in regards to players, especially when City are involved.
    EFC’s valuations of players are as follows:
    Barkley, £50 mil, lukaku £75 mil, Baines £30 mil, Coleman £25 mil, and last but not least, Stones at £50 mil.

    What I can’t understand is if these superstar players are worth so much money, why haven’t Everton won the league and champions league at least 3 or 4 times?
    The question for city is, if stones is worth £50 mil, Chris smalling and Gary Cahill who both kept stones out of a very poor England team in the euros, must be worth £200 mil each!!! Lol.

    City need to walk away from these sort of joke deals, stones is worth £20 mil tops based on his recent performances, I’d leave him at Everton where he might play in the odd semi final and finish about 12th.
    The other option for stones is to go on strike until Everton place a realistic price for his transfer, either way I’d pay no more than £20 mil, even £20 mil is stretching his valuation in my book

    • You are missing the point. We don’t want to sell them and if we do we have to get replacements in. We set the market price.

      If they don’t like the valuation, walk away. If Stones goes on strike then he will just find himself into the reserves and fairly much ruin his career.

    • Because, rightly or wrongly, the club thought Sterling was worth £44 million initial outlay, any additional payments, up to £49 million total, will be ‘earned’ as per the terms of the agreement one of which is City winning the CL. City apparently don’t think Stones is worth any more than £40 million which shouldn’t really come as any surprise to Everton fans as they all appear to think Stones is rubbish and can’t defend.


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