The dawning of a new era: What man takes Everton forward?

Obviously with the season finished and no manager in place, we’re all on about who is going to replace Roberto Martinez.

Firstly, before I go into names, I want to have this wrapped up before the Euros. That’s absolutely pivotal in my view. We can’t be messing about with a shite pre-season, arranged at the last minute and we can’t be missing out on transfers that will be concluded before the Euros by waiting around.

So who should it be? For me, it’s quite simple, we go for the best there is, a proven winner in this league and around Europe and that’s Jose Mourinho. Before anyone says that we won’t get him, I agree, but does it really hurt to ask?

Let’s think about what we do know; he’s got a young family, he likes the Premier League, his kids are being schooled in England, he’s left Chelsea with a point to prove in England.

Yes, he would love the United job, being king of that castle would suit his ego perfectly.
Yes it could well be be available.
Yes his agent probably won’t want him with Everton but what better way for Farhad Moshiri to announce himself as being deadly serious in his dream? and who knows if United isn’t available, we’re the next most attractive job currently available in the premier league.
Yes, he might only stay for a couple of years and ok, he doesn’t tend to play youngsters.

But seriously, think about it, Jose Mourinho at Everton. You’re talking about a man that footballers, top, top world class footballers love to play for (forget the recent Chelsea shannanigans, read Zlatan’s book). If he came to Everton, make no bones about it, we’re bang on the global football map in 1 fell swoop.

We can pay Mourinho what he wants, we can offer him major funds to spend like we’ve never been able to offer before.

I accept it’s very unlikely but we can all dream, right?

My only concern is Jorge Mendes might well use us as leverage to get that United job boxed off. Stories leaked in the media this weekend certainly do look like that may be the case, especially with Mourinho making it clear he wants to be in a job by July.

If it’s not Mourinho, Koeman is a very good candidate.

There’s a man who’s had a good playing career, played for top clubs, played at international level and has that box ticked (something Roberto always lacked for me).

There’s a man who’s managed clubs around Europe, had a taste for success, cut his premier league teeth at Southampton where he’s done very well (he’s won more points than Spurs in 2016).

Obviously, the downside with him is he’s in a job, where he’s got his feet under the table and it could well be difficult to prize him away. For all we know, his camp could also be using us as leverage to get a lucrative new deal at Southampton where he only has 1 year left (as he made quite clear in his press conference last week).

Whilst they’re my top 2 candidates, I would certainly take a chance on De Boer. We know he’s available and the press/his brother/Jonny Heitinga have all said he’d like to manage us.

I accept it will be risky, De Boer doesn’t know the league. With players likely to be sold/leave the club this summer it’s pivotal that the new man knows the quality we’ll need to replace those who leave.

Still, it would be an exciting appointment.

Away from those 3, Moyes, Hughes, O’Neill, Benitez, you can all do one –

Hughes – I think that speculation’s a combination of the press and bookies scouring for somebody who played for us and manages in the premier league as well as Hughes camp letting us know he’d consider it.

O’Neill – Potentially a case of us being used as leverage so he can get more money at Celtic. I don’t think he’ll be make managing in the premier league, let alone us.

Moyes – I think he’d love to come back. He knows Bill Kenwright and what he can get away with, knows ‘the club’ but he left with too much bad blood. The pursuit of Baines and Fellaini were undignified, he belittled us and the bridges were well and truly burned.

For what it’s worth, I think Moyes did a good job, but that time has passed and now we need to be more ambitious.

Benitez – Undoubtedly he has a great CV as manager, he’s won La Liga, the CL, managed some very big clubs, but most recently he’s been a failure at Madrid, Newcastle and to an extent Napoli.

And let’s face it, there’s the elephant in the room – the Liverpool connection, he called us a small club and their fans still bear a continual love for him. For me, that alone is enough to rule him out.

Then there’s Pellegrini, a manager we know will be out of work. A manager who ticks the trophy box, ticks the managed in England box. Yet, I don’t want him.

Firstly, he’s at the wrong end of his career and secondly I just don’t feel inspired by him, whilst winning the league is no mean feat, he won it when it slipped into his lap (nice one Stevie G, lad) and this year his side have looked vulnerable at the back, his team selections have been strange and his big money signings haven’t been impressive. He reminds me of Martinez in a bad way, often it seems like he says ‘go on lads, win us the game’ with minimal tactical input.

In fact, i’d go as far as to say i’d rather Quique Sanchez Flores over Pellegrini. A man who, whilst not somebody I actively want, did a very good job at a promoted side and has had a decent playing and managerial career (certainly a step up on our previous manager).

Other candidates, I won’t pretend I know all that well, but Lucien Favre is certainly one who comes highly rated and seems to have on the surface done a good job at Monchengladbach.

I’ve seen Emery, Marcelino and AVB all mentioned as well. I know Emery has been outstanding in recent years, he certainly fits the bill. Marcelino I don’t know well enough to comment and whilst AVB looks boss, crouching as he does, I doubt whether he’s really that good and anyway, I was of the understanding his doesn’t want to return to England.

It will certainly be interesting to see where we go, i’m sure more names will come to the fore, but one thing is for certain, this appointment is absolutely massive for Farhad Moshiri and will tell us a lot about his ambition for Everton.

Anyway, it definitely beats being linked with Alan Stubbs, Roberto Martinez and the unknown Vitor Pereira like we were this time 3 years ago!

Come on Farhad, lad!


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  1. I personally do not want Mourinho, since he always thinks he is bigger than the club he manages. He’s not special, simply arrogant. It might work for a year then I suspect he would start looking elsewhere and two years later we will be tired of his grumpy attitude and his neglect of our academy set up.

  2. Emery or De Boer for me. People say De Boer’s tactics are too similar to Martinez, thats not true, he plays wide with wingers and wing backs heavily based on crosses, thats not how we have been under Martinez. Also he has another style of play bombing through the middle. If he brinks Jap Staam with him then we have a defence organised too.. Good article mate.


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