We HAVE judged you over 3 seasons Roberto. It’s time to go.

So embattled Everton manager Roberto Martinez took to his press conference today to ask the fans to judge him over 3 seasons and not just one.  Once again, mentions of the most points for Everton in the Premier League, the last English team in European competition and the FA Cup semi-final second half came to the fore as Martinez battled to save his job.

Well Roberto, unfortunately the fans are judging you over 3 seasons and they have decided that you just aren’t up to the job.

Unfortunately at the very least this Everton side should be battling for European places and once again, unfortunately we are battling to not be a bottom half Premier League team.

If the manager actually showed signs that he was learning from past mistakes then I believe that more fans would be on board, but nothing points to show that this is happening.  We have an awful defensive record (something that has plagued Martinez teams in the Premier League), our set piece defending and attacking is woeful and there looks to be a serious lack of fitness and intensity in the squad.

We ARE judging 3 years and this is the second year in a row that we could well finish in the bottom half of the table.  The fact that our last league win was against Aston Villa nearly 2 months ago and we have the worst home record in Everton history speaks volumes.

Your downfall is your stubbornness.  Roberto it’s time to go.

Will Martinez be sacked? 

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  1. In the third minute of the match, the Everton fans in unison chanted OUT OUT OUT. It went on for some time and even the Bournemouth supporters were seen joining in. Roberto and his cohort Graham hastily vanished down the tunnel never to darken the hallowed goodison turf with their shadows again.

    Several months later following a prolonged sun soaked holiday Martinez announced his retirement from football Management. Deciding instead to use his Incredible gift of talking bullocks in becoming a phenomenal politician.

    Then somehow Rachel Riley turned up in my dream and it all got a bit hazy from there.

  2. No, you haven’t judged him over three years only the last two. If you’d judged him on his first season he’d probably have gotten a pay rise. Our football in that first season was a joy to watch and we can only wonder at what went wrong. One thing is for sure, is that some of the players need to take a good hard look at some of their performances. Roberto Martinez doesn’t make players go out and perform badly. Tactics are down to him, doing a job to the best of their ability is down to the players, and sadly some of them have let us down badly on more than one occasion. To pile all of the blame for the teams shortcomings on the manager is to say the least unfair.

    • He isn’t learning Mike. That is a judgement on 3 seasons. One decent season where he took over a strong defence and improved the attack, followed by 2 poor ones.

      He has never proved he can manage a defence. He hasn’t changed tactics and it costs us.

      Yes the players have underperformed, but that is half of the job as a manager!

  3. Only good as your last game, we can judge this guy over his last eight seasons,Wigan and Everton,he is a dope ,a loser and has no place at Everton F C.


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