Martinez: “We are making progress”

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has come out in defence of his team and said that he accepts any criticism of him as he is aware they haven’t won enough games.

The Spaniard also believes that the side aren’t under-achieving as they haven’t achieved anything recently and they are progressing as a team, despite only 16 wins in the last season and a half.

“As a manager you have to accept we need to get wins,” said Martinez. “I will never be a manager coming out with excuses and trying to justify a lack of wins. As a manager I am extremely aware of the potential we have in the football club.

“I feel we are on the right path and very close to getting what the fans deserve. I will accept any sort of criticism and be the one fronting that. I share their frustration at the lack of wins because our football has deserved a lot more. The small margins need to be addressed.

“We are not under-achieving because we never won the title in the last three or four seasons, we haven’t been winning titles, we are a really exciting group of players who have the best potential for many years in terms of achieving something.

“The process is not going to be overnight, it won’t be straight forward, you need to go through painful experience as an individual and a team to be able to develop the know-how of a winning team.

“We are making progress. You cannot be underachieving when this team is new and this team has been formed over the last two years. We are developing something that is going to be very powerful for the future.”

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  1. YES WE ARE UNDER-ACHIEVING!!! Is this guy seriously under the impression that finishing 11th last year and looking like finishing even lower this year, is achieving? What planet is he on? He says “we are making progress” NO WE ARE NOT. WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS!!! He is under some illusion that he is still building an exciting young team. NO WE ARE NOT!!! You are a deluded fool!!! The “exciting young team” will disappear at the end of the season because you have delivered absolutely nothing. Do you really think that Lukaku, Stones, Barkley, Coleman, McCarthy, Besic, Mirallas to name a few, will stick around waiting for you to deliver false promises, whilst they are coveted by teams who can deliver European football immediately? If so you are even more stupid and deluded than you appear. It’s a common adage in football, indeed any professional team sport, that no-one is bigger than the Club. Ask Jap Staam, Ruud van Nistelroy and other star names, who were shown the exit door for daring to think they were bigger than Man U. So, think about your “football philosophies” about the beautiful game; your statements that you are not interested in clean sheets – only winning football matches. WELLL GUESS WHAT? WE AREN’T WINNING FOOTBALL MATCHES BECAUSE WE CAN’T STOP CONCEDING GOALS, LET ALONE KEEP A CLEAN SHEET. Your win ratio against draws and losses sonce your tenure is enough to tell you that you’ve failed in your 3 seasons (the first was clearly a fluke and towards the end of that season you couldn’t win a game), so it’s time to call it a day. You are a fraud, and nobody believes your platitudes and positive energies at the end of every defeat. I don’t know that stats, but I am will ing to bet that once Moyes’s teams got a 2 goal lead, they didn’t throw many away. Do the honorable thing and resign. Even LvG has more credibility than you and he is far from “phenominal”.
    I rest my case!!


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