Martinez: Rom is now fit enough to play 3 games in a week and it shows

Everton manager Roberto Martinez says that star striker Romelu Lukaku suffered from the rigours of the World Cup when the season started last year but now feels the big Belgian is in great shape.

Lukaku has already scored 13 goals this season and faces Crystal Palace tonight with 49 goals in 99 games for his club and the gaffer feels that Lukaku is now fit enough to play 3 games per week.

At the start of last season, he was catching up after the World Cup,’ said Martinez. ‘From January, he’s been the mature Rom who can play 90 minutes and there’s everything that comes with that.

‘Any player who can stay fit and reliable gives you an incredible base to work on. You can develop a good strategy with other players around them, the understanding of those players, the partnerships you develop. Of course it’s important. You don’t want to lose players through injury.’
‘For a young player, until you get the full 90 minutes, without losing the power and the pace in every action, it’s a long process. Now, it’s very rare that you don’t see him finish the last 10 minutes with the same power, pace and control.

‘On top of that, he can play three games in a week, which is quite remarkable for a player of that size. Rom is important but as a squad you need to cope with injuries. You need to cope with suspensions. That’s a good sign for a team.’

How much do you think Lukaku is worth now?

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