Deulofeu: I need to be playing to feel important

Everton winger Gerard Deulofeu has praised his manager Roberto Martinez and says that the Catalan makes him feel calm, even though he isn’t a calm type of person.

The Spain winger has said that football is now how he lives his life and he is determined to be as professional as he can and try and win some silverware during his career.

“Roberto Martínez makes me feel very calm, though I know that being calm isn’t really me, and I tell him that,” Deulofeu said in an interview with Marca.

“I need to be playing, to feel important.

“I now see myself as more professional. I live by football, and it is football that will bring me glory.

“I was at Barcelona B for two seasons and now I am starting off another season in the top flight.

“I really want to show what I have to give.

“I want to establish myself here and play a lot of games for Everton.

“The year I spent here before was a good one, pretty good, I’d say.

“I was very young of course, just 19, but the experience taught me quite a lot.”

“Sevilla? I had three or four very bad months.

“From August to the end of January it was good.”

He added: “These things did not go as expected. The confidence of other teams, I never had in Seville. In the last three months the manager decided to move away . I do not hold grudges, but he knows it was not a good year.”

“My life here is very simple , very easy,” he said.

“I get to the training centre at 9:30am and I leave for home at 3pm, rest, have dinner and little else.

“Bojan lives around here , Muniesa , De Gea , Ander … Joel lives in Liverpool .

“Here I live with my partner and lead a very quiet life.

“Sometimes we stayed out for dinner, but in football you have to be very professional .

“Rest and recovery are key but I also spend time with friends.”

How important to Evertons first team is Deulofeu?

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