Martinez: Gibson will give us a different dimension in midfield

Everton manager Roberto Martinez feels that the recent troubles suffered by Darron Gibson will be a lightbulb moment and he will be able to start his career afresh.

The gaffer said that it is now only match fitness that the talented but troubled midfield player is lacking and says that he will be able to provide a different dimension to his team when he is back.

“You get to a point that as a human being you need a reset moment in your career, and he’s had that,” Martinez said.

“He’s coped with everything with maturity.

“The biggest test you have as a footballer is when you cannot enjoy your football on the pitch.

“Darron has been very unfortunate with injuries.

“He has been through six or seven different injuries that, for one reason or another, he hasn’t been able to have that continuity.

“It is only his match fitness now and it puts a smile on your face when he gets on the ball and plays the ball forward because there are not many footballers that can see that type of pass when he sees them.

“It will be great to see him fully fit because he will give us a different dimension in that midfield.

“We are very strong in that department but, clearly, we haven’t got a Darron Gibson.”


Can Gibson get his Everton career back on track?

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  1. How utterly deluded can one man be ? Does Martinez not learn lessons ?
    If he gets 5 full games from this useless waste of space I’ll be amazed.
    After his recent exploits his contract should have been terminated immediately, instead of that he will continue to drain us of wages which could be usefully spent elsewhere.


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