Martinez: The chairman is one of the best in the league

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has praised his boss Chairman Bill Kenwright after he released a statement turning down John Stones transfer request and offers from Chelsea.

Martinez was speaking before Saturdays match against Tottenham Hotspur and said that Bill is one of the best chairmen in the league and he will always make a decision that is good for the team/

“In our Chairman, we have a man who, if he is not the best chairman in the league, is one of the best. He’s a an Evertonian and he will always make a decision that is for the good of the team.

“As you can imagine, we cannot lose any players who are important to us. We cannot replace any player no matter what the money is. For another chairman, it could be that he might decide to take the money and run but, in our case, it’s a strong statement from our football club – we’ve got our own projects, our own dreams and we want to fulfil them.

“We need our best performers to do that and our Chairman is incredible in that respect and every Evertonian should be extremely proud of our Chairman.”

“I think it is vitally important to show that we have our own ambitions, our own projects and we don’t rely on big offers coming in for our players,” he explained. “The Chairman was very, very clear yesterday. I think many football clubs would try to get the biggest deal and allow the sale to happen – but it shows we have an incredible Chairman, who only wants the best for the football club.

“The statement was important – but we have been very clear from the beginning. I think the statement put people’s minds at rest and gave an official answer on what happened in the previous 48 hours.

“In terms of that particular situation, with the transfer window closing on Tuesday, we can have real tranquility and just focus on the game [against Tottenham Hotspur].”


Is Bill one of the best chairmen in the league?

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  1. Bill had no choice but to turn the transfer request down with amount of pressure the fans have put on him and the board over recent weeks, if it wasn’t for the banners and fly over I reckon he would have took the money and run, it should be the fans Roberts is praising!


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