Everton end contract with “Pyramid Fraud company” Power 8

Everton have suspended all commercial activing with commercial partner Power 8 after a number of allegations against them in recent weeks.

A website ran a story to them being a Pyramid Fraud company a few weeks ago and we picked up on the story and brought it to Evertonians attention.

Now the Liverpool Echo is saying that the football club has cut all ties to the company following Espanyols decision to do the same thing back in May, despite naming their stadium after the company.

Allegations have been made that Power 8 were infact a pyramid fraud company.

Everton have received full payment for the two seasons that they were in the partnership and renewed the deal a few weeks ago, despite being aware of the Espanyol problems at the end of last season.

All traces of Power 8 have been removed from the website and from post match interview boards.

Who is to blame for the Power 8 fiasco?

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