Everton have a loan agreement for De Guzman

Everton, Bournemouth and Sunderland all have a loan agreement for the transfer of former Swansea City midfielder Jonathan De Guzman according to the Sky Sports HQ Transfer Centre.

The 27 year old has been linked with a £4.25m move to Sunderland all week and looked for all intents and purposes like he had joined them, but Sky have just thrown a twist into the story.

De Guzman currently plays for Serie A club Napoli and enjoyed a great spell onloan with Swansea.  He is looking to move back to the Premier League.

Everton love a loan!  Sky have said it is now down to the player to decide.

Would De Guzman be a signing Everton need?

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  1. Flipin useless the lot of em, well peed off with Martinez & Kenwright, they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery! Get rid of both of them!


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