Redtops can’t decide if Stones wants to leave or not!

In typical Rag writing, the Sunday newspapers can’t decide which of them is telling the truth or not.

The Daily Star says that Stones won’t ask to leave despite a fourth bid of £40m about to come to the table, whereas the Daily Mirror claims that Stones will appeal directly to chairman Bill Kenwright to let him leave as a £36m bid is readied.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez insists that Stones is staying put as he wants to keep his best players and feels that there would not be enough time to buy a replacement.  The club are standing firm.

The report quotes the people and says there is a 15% sell-on clause to Barnsley should any deal go through and they claim this would be the final bid.  They also claim that Bill Kenwright would accept this offer which would be a British transfer record.

Will Stonesey be at the club on September 2nd?

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