Martinez: Any transfer request would be ignored this late in the window

Everton manager Roberto Martinez confirmed that John Stones hadn’t handed in a transfer request and at the same time warned that if he received any request from any player this late in the window it would be ignored.

He confirmed that if any signings are made in the last 2 or 3 days of the window then it would have to be from a club that is prepared to let a player leave.

Asked if a transfer request would change the situation, the Catalan said: “No, no. When you have a long-term contract those things doesn’t change at all.

“I think it has gone too far that situation that any action would change it because it is not something that is brand new. In a saga of I don’t know how many weeks now, we are very clear.”

“That is every club when you have an important player and someone wants to buy him and there is no time to replace him then it will never be entertained.

“That is not just a hint for John but general rules in the transfer market. You can only try to sign a player in the last two or three days of the window when he is at a club that is prepared to let him go. If you have an important player that you don’t want to let go then someone knocking on the door won’t change it.”

“I’m sure there are many players that are interest for other clubs, and for whatever reason they don’t come out. Maybe because the team that bids they don’t speak in the press.

“That is what happens in transfer times. We are trying to sign players as well and we are not coming out and saying what we are doing and what we are putting in the press.”

How many players will Everton sign before the window closes?

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