Yarmolenko – Delegation sent

Everton could be about to pull off one of the singings of the summer with the £14m purchase of Dynamo Kiev playmaker Andriy Yarmolenko.

Over the past 24 hours noises had come out in the crowd that Everton were interested in the talented Ukrainian and now the Liverpool Echo is also reporting the story.

Everton are thought to have sent a delegation to Kiev to move things along for the 25 year old who can play on the wing or in attacking areas and will try and secure a work permit.

Everton delegation

Yarmolenko would prove a brilliant bit of business for Everton but we have also been told about one possible major outgoing too.

Were you impressed with Yarmolenko when Everton played Dinamo Kiev?


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  1. If you’re info is right, what is the point, seriously? That means 2 centre halves needed and our best player gone. Martinez would be within his rights to go as based upon his not for sale comments there would be no choice but to assume stones sold against his wishes.

  2. I have a feeling that this is happening because Stones is going. I so hope I am wrong. The lad is class and is only going to get better. Please keep him. He could be as good as Labone one day.

  3. If this is true about Stones then we need to get Kenwright out. What is the point in this policy of producing great young talents and then feeding Man Utd, Chelsea etc. hope it’s wrong but will be sad and angry if true.

  4. I think its clear we have no money to spend and someone has to go to raise funds unfortunately it will be stones we cant even compete with the likes of stoke now in transfer market as much as I like kenwright its time to go

    • If stones goes there will be uproar, I don’t care who we buy one good season and bill will sell them next am sick of this, we will never move forward until we get a owner with some money. Kenright an co it’s time to go!!

  5. If Stones is going to Chelsea the fee needs to be much higher. They sold Luis for £50 million, yet want to pay much less for someone they rate much higher. After there start to the season we can all see they desperately need Stones. Gotta be £50+ for me, then go an get Van Dyke an Scott Dann.

  6. Kenwright been A total bluffer all his life, he knows what to say and when to say it, he’s proved he’s not the man to take us forward, I mean he’s sold everything possible, he’s just been waiting for something to fall in his lap, but it’s not happened,

  7. It’s kenWright all over,£35m in about £25m out,nice little profit and no TV money spent or a Penny invested by the board,hes done this for the last 15 years. Con man.


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