Have Everton signed partnership with Pyramid Fraud company?

Last May Everton Football Club entered into a commercial partnership with a gaming company called Power 8.  This company has also agreed partnerships with Fulham FC and RCD Espanyol.

Now it appears that all isn’t as it seems as the Naked Capitalism website says that this company is infact a pyramid fraud company.  You can see the report here: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2015/08/power-8-sponsor-of-everton-fc-fulham-fc-and-rcd-espanyol-is-a-250mn-pyramid-fraud.html

The website insists that Power 8 is a Costa Rica-registered entity with an office in Spain, a hard-to-trace board, and no named auditor. It appears to sell its shares by pyramid methods, to poorly-protected investors in India, Hong Kong, Taiwan (and possibly other Chinese-speaking locations such as Singapore or mainland China). Despite an abundance of unsupported claims, Power 8’s only confirmable business relationships are sponsorship deals with three reasonably high-profile European football clubs.


The power 8 link on the Everton website has since been deleted as the club looks to reassess the commercial partnerships it links to: http://www.evertonfc.com/content/fans/partner-offers/power8

There is nothing to say Everton have done anything wrong and the article that has been written by Naked Capitalism hasn’t been officially verified as being correct, but if it is correct then something surely has to be investigated at the club.


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