I Can’t Forgive Or Forget What Rooney Did!

I didn’t really want to write an article defending Liverpool fans but having seen so many Evertonians comparing Fernando Torres’s reception at Carraghers testimonial to Rooneys the other day it has to be said. Torres is a Spaniard, his boyhood club was Atletico Madrid to whom he stayed loyal to for 6 years before moving on for a few years to pick up some silverware and now he’s back at the place he loves the most. He has no loyalties to LFC. he owed them nothing as he was already a superstar before he went there, he went there purely to win trophies and then when it wasn’t happening he moved to an even better team to achieve these goals.

Wayne Rooney on the other hand was our hero, one of our own, blue through and through and he wanted the Everton fans to know this whenever he got the chance, the ‘once a blue always a blue’ t shirt, the interview after signing his new contract when he declared ‘if it was Real Madrid, Inter Milan or Everton it would be Everton every time. We could not believe what we had, i hate the man now but the happiness he brought me and every other Evertonian at the time i don’t think will ever be matched no matter what we go on to achieve without him, when i was walking out of the ground after that Arsenal match I felt on top of the world, what a feeling knowing we had this great thing after all our years of hurt and disappointment, and what made it all the more sweeter was the knowledge that he loved the club so much, we never had to worry about this one leaving because his blood is blue, he’s like a fan on the pitch living his dream, and what a player, you could see seasoned premier league defenders coming to Goodison every other week and were visibly nervous and scared of this snotty nosed kid from Crocky who was just too good for them, faster, stronger, more determined and us blues were just in heaven, the excitement he created was immense.

I remember the times he was on the bench and we’d be getting beat in a match and there’d be 20 minutes to go and he’d start warming up on the touchline, ‘Rooney’s gonna get yer’ chanted the Everton fans, and we knew we had a chance of getting back into the game no matter what because our superhero was on his way. So when he told us he wanted to leave barely a year into his professional career, when he handed in a transfer request and told his adoring fans he wanted to leave no matter what, this wasn’t just disappointment because we were going to lose a good player. This was absolute heartbreak. How could he do this to us after all he’s said? After knowing what it felt like when he was a fan on the terraces only a few years before when people like Jeffers and Barmby done the dirty on us? Our great hope, our potential saviour and the one who told us he’d choose us over anyone and loved the club blindly now wants to leave us and become the first Scouser in over 30 years to cross over to the other side and join Manchester United.

This was the ultimate betrayal.

He left our manager, our adoring chairman who always looked like a little excited kid when talking about him because he was so proud, and his fans completely dumfounded, shocked and shattered. It was like a nightmare that you didn’t want to come true but it had. And this wasn’t the end. He wasn’t done yet. Just to rub salt in the gaping wounds of everyone connected to Everton football club he comes back and kisses the Manchester United badge right in front of our supporters at Goodison Park after scoring a goal, dances in front of them and shouts obscenities at them. No class, no respect, no sympathy or acknowledgement for the hurt that he’d caused just a short time before. He wanted to prolong our agony and laugh in our faces when we showed him in no uncertain terms just how much heartache he had caused. Sure, he is still an Evertonian – you can’t just stop loving a club that you’ve supported all your life, he brings his children up as Everton fans and still looks out for our results, but this man has demonstrated time after time that he doesn’t care about our fans, he is heartless, spineless and to this day has never shown or spoken of an admittance of how wrong he was for doing what he done to my club.

Some say he was just ambitious, but i refer back to the person who many Evertonians keep comparing him to, Fernando Torres, who stayed loyal to his boyhood club despite not winning a single trophy in his time playing in front of his beloved fans, he wanted to win but he wanted to do it at his own club, for his own people and he tried for almost half of his career (best years) to do so before it became apparent he wouldn’t be able to reach goals in football unless he moved on.

So that’s exactly what he did, but he done it in the right way, he sobbed in his press conference when he broke the news that he was going to leave the club he loved. He didn’t move to a rival. And he certainly never returned in another teams colours and taunted the Atletico faithful. SoI have to admit, as much as it hurts me to say it, as I watched the videos and seen the comments off fellow Evertonians on Sunday afternoon singing Rooney’s name and fantasizing about him maybe returning to the club on a permanent basis, I felt sickened and for a short while, embarrassed to be a blue. I don’t think you will hear the Tottenham fans singing Sol Campbells name any time soon, nor will you hear the Barcelona fans speaking admirably about Luis Figo. And make no mistake about it, what Wayne Rooney did to our club and our fans was right up there in that same category.

For some reason most Evertonians are more forgiving than other sets of fans, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s just a quality that I don’t possess that I can’t forgive and forget that easily. But that man is the devil to me and he always will be.


Right to Reply.  Do you agree with David on this one?

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  1. Move On idiot!! If another company offered you a similar job and treble your money would you stay?? I don’t think you would, who can blame him leaving Everton under this chairman we are going nowhere, even Swansea have over taken us now.

  2. It’s about time you got over it, it’s history and i don’t see the point in still being bitter after all this time. You mention Torres and of course your right he had no connection or loyalties to Liverpool, but you fail to mention Sol Campbell who like Rooney grew up loving Spurs and even captained them, and what he did to spurs running his contract down and pissing off to Arsenal leaving Spurs with no money, now that’s what i call a real Villain so get over yourself.

  3. We had just finished 17th. And he was England’s best player, and arguably player of tournament at euro 04, at 18. He was better than we were at that time. He was being managed by a new premier league manager in David moyes, and had to chance to work alongside alex ferguson! Play alongside rudd van nistlerooy or tomas radzinski? All of the England players on tour, would have got into his head and told him he can’t be playing for a relegation battling team. Part of him wanted to stay, of course it did. But for a career, a personal point of view and for being brainwashed, he opted to leave.

    The money we got for him, saved us. We were able to bring in players like Tim cahill, Marcus bent, Phil neville, Tim howard, Phil jags, beattie etc. The improvement and development led to future signings of Baines, piennar, johnson, yak uni for example. None of this would have happened without the catalyst of a rooney sale.

    He was also 18 years old!! People forget that! It is so easy to be persuaded and manipulated at that age! Which United also did his agent would have definitely done!

    He has shown with the upbringing of his children hat everton is still his main club.

    I have no personal problem with rooney and I would be happy if he decides to finish his career with us.

  4. The thing that makea me laugh about these evertonians all making excuses for him and condoning what he done is they are probably the same people who give him hell every year when he comes back to play at goodison. Calling him all the greedy b******s going amongst other things. Absolute hypocrites! If you have no problem with him hen why has he never had a warm welcome by our fans ever since? The pathetic thing is you actually think by chanting his name at duncs testimonial and making him feel welcome your going to make him want to leave mamchester united and make a big heroic return to us. Wake up will yous we spend out time calling the other lot deluded i think theres a whole lot of deluded everton fans out there right now when it comes to this

  5. I can’t forgive him either. What sticks in my mind way more than anything else is when he made a deal with The Sun newspaper. He wanted to drive a wedge between himself and everyone associated with Everton so he could show their fans what playing for United meant to him. I can’t even see John Stones doing that, so that shows you how bad that was – and from a boyhood blue to make it even worse. I understand that the man simply wants to forgive and forget but it’s too little – too late for me. He’s entitled to support Everton, but he should understand why people who also support this club find it difficult to forgive – or forget. United fans like to remind us that he’s a red, but if they had developed a player who supported them and moved to City then I would love to see their reaction. In this day and age that simply won’t happen as they should thank their lucky stars today that they can instantly pay for success if things ever hit the skids (thank you Moyesy for that brief showing).

    I do appreciate for what he did for Big Dunc though. The big man has shown that you don’t need to be born an Evertonian to love playing for this club. At least he can respect someone for doing something he simply couldn’t do himself.

  6. David, I agree with every word you’ve written.
    Without going into it in great detail, ok I can accept he left and all that went with it, as pointed out above ………… what I cant accept is the kissing of the Utd badge after scoring against us, and mouthing obceneties at the Everton fans, that is unforgivable.
    There are countless examples of players who have shown real class after scoring against their previous clubs, I can remember Denis Law scoring for Man City against Utd to actually send them down.
    But you are right, Rooney doesnt know what class is.
    As for the clown who called you an idiot in the letter above, take no notice of him, you had every right to express your opinion without abuse.

  7. Furthermore, I suppose these people would love him to do us all a big favour and return to Everton one day, maybe when he’s about 36, and fatter and slower than he is now. They can all cheer him and rejoice in how much he loves Everton as he picks up a final paycheck.
    As far as I’m concerned he can do one.


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