Big Dunc:  Getting the shirt to fit was the first hurdle

Everton legend Duncan Ferguson was overjoyed with the reception he received at his testimonial match and said it was emotional that younger fans were cheering him on too.

The big Scot received an amazing welcome as the Goodison faithful came out in force to greet the big man but he revealed that getting the shirt on was his first obstacle.

“I was very nervous, more so because I didn’t know if the shirt was going to fit,” Ferguson said.

“I’d not had chance to put it on. So that was one hurdle I had to overcome.

“It was nerve-wracking but it was a proud day to play in front of these fans and for my family to be here and to play in front of the chairman and these top players, it was really amazing.

“I wish I could roll back the clock 20 years.”

And on winning that first header, Ferguson added: “It felt brilliant.

“You just worry, when you’re lying in your bed, that your first touch is going to a Blue shirt.

“Luckily when I headed it, because I didn’t see the boy behind me, it went to Wayne.

“I didn’t know Wayne was there but instinct takes over and I’m just glad that I got the touch and that it went to a Blue player.

“I could’ve walked off then to be honest with you.”

“The fans have been special to me,” Ferguson said.

“I remember the great atmospheres when I was playing but, nine years later, to have kids on the terraces shouting for me is special.”

“I’m glad he did,” said Big Dunc, with a smile.

Ferguson admitted that he was delighted that young defender Tyias Browning got in front of him to score the Everton goal.

“It might have just hit me in the face!

“I’ve not headed a ball for 10 years. I don’t even join in the five-a-sides because I’m that worried about my body but it was a tremendous feeling.

“It was a great feeling.”

Ferguson, who intends to get his testimonial shirt signed and then hang it on the wall in his house, wanted to thank the 34, 718 in attendance, saying: “For the Blue army to turn out like that is amazing.”


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