Martinez oozes class as he slams bids via the media

Everton Manager Roberto Martinez was rightly annoyed at the public courting of star defender John Stones as the rich clubs look to prize him away from Goodison Park.

Chelsea have publically bid £20m for the centre-back and Martinez has held his stance that Stones will remain an Everton player full stop no matter what the bid.

‘One thing is clear, that we pride ourselves in playing a certain way and educating our young players in a manner in which they will always attract attention from elsewhere and that is a footballing compliment.

‘The other side is that another football club is making a statement in the press so openly I don’t think that is the way we would do it at Everton.

‘We would not speak about a player that is at another club and there is no issue from our point of view: John Stones is an Everton player full stop.

Will money talk this summer or will Stones be at the club next season?

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