Martinez: The support in Singapore has been phenomenal

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has praised the local Singapore fans and those that travelled to watch the team and says that what they have experienced so far has been phenomenal.

Martinez would like to win the Singapore trophy but warns it will be difficult because of the conditions that they are facing, especially the humidity.

“From the first second we landed in Singapore, it’s been terrific,” he told evertontv. “The support towards the team, towards the tournament, towards football in general has been phenomenal, especially from the youngest generations. There’s been a lot of screaming and a lot of people happy and it shows you how important football can be.

artetaMartinez meeting a fan in Singapore…. 😉

“It’s always good to perform well, it’s always good to win football games and pre-season is no different, especially when you’ve got a trophy. It brings you that extra little bit of meaning.

“They follow the games from afar here, now to be able to see their heroes who they see win games and score goals on the screen… you can see there’s a spark in their faces.”

“Even at this time of night (6pm local time) when the sun is not shining, the humidity makes things difficult from a physical point of view. Once you start sweating, your body loses a lot of liquids and it’s a very different to the way things are back home.

“We’ve been working towards this and it’s an extra challenge that we’ll face. But without a doubt it’s going to help towards our fitness for the start of the season.”


What do you think the score against Stoke City will be?


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  1. To be totally honest I don’t care.Watford is the next important game.These are just warm ups with absolutely no relevance to much of anything. I want to be able to start the season with a decent squad, not depleted by silly knocks and departures to pastures new. If we don’t start this one flying we could be in for a long hard haul. Have a look at the fixtures. RM will be very lucky if he is still in post at Christmas if we repeat last years stuttering start.


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