Kone: I feel a lot better physically now

Everton striker Arouna Kone feels that he is finally reaching full fitness following a horrible knee injury and feels that Everton fans have not seen the full player that they signed yet.

Kone also feels he has a lot to prove to Everton fans and wants to show that he is committed to cut it at the club.  He feels his confidence is there and hopefully he can have a good pre-season and attack the season.

“In terms of my injury, last season really helped me to come back and get fitter,” he explained. “When I left Wigan, I knew I was coming to a bigger club, a successful club, and I knew that being surrounded by such a great group of players could have a great impact on myself, so to suffer the injury that I did was very difficult.

“I feel a lot better physically now. The few games that I was able to play last season allowed me to regain a lot of my confidence which is very important.

“Now it’s all about this summer and this pre-season and making sure I set out as I mean to go on. The fans haven’t been able to see me at my very best level, but I hope I can get there next season and show them what I am about. I am hungry to do that and I want to prove I can cut it here.

“The fans and everyone around me have been really supportive and that’s kept me going throughout the difficult months and I really want to repay those people now and use my performances to help push the team towards the top of the table where it deserves to be.”

“I think the more games we can play at all levels, the stronger we will become”, he added. “We played a huge amount of games last season, but it’s all about gaining experience and that can help us for the coming season.

“Last season wasn’t as successful as we hoped and now we have to concentrate on preparing ourselves to make sure we’re on form and playing well in time for the start of the competitive season.”

Can Kone ever fully overcome his knee injury and regain his pre Everton form?


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