Spurs to make derisory Mirallas bid

Tottenham Hotspur are set to make a £7m bid for Kevin Mirallas according to the Daily Mirror.

The article does seem a little off the mark claiming that Mirallas has just one year left on his contract and failing to mention that Everton have the option to extend his contract by one year too.

Mirallas could leave Goodison Park in search of Champions League football and has been linked with a move for former club Olympiakos in Greece.

If Spurs are interested in signing Mirallas he would be likely to command a fee double what is being mentioned.


Will Mirallas leave the club this year?


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  1. As Spurs supporter and follower of Daniel Levy’s antics, I would say that as an opening offer £7m is not derisory enough. If Levy is on his ‘A’ game then I would expect the first offer to be around £4m and on a payment plan. It will be weeks before you get to reject a £7m offer.

  2. It is very simple— Spurs lack ambition and continually shop in the bargain basement. That is of course apart from the Gareth Bale windfall which the club wasted !!!

  3. Typical Everton fan, DELUDED. 7m for an AVERAGE player with one year left is too much. Dont want him, hope he stays for your relegation scrap. Know your place you thick scousers.

  4. £14m for what exactly? No better than Lennon pretty much the same age. Lennon came in and was better than what was playing before hand and apparently you value him at £7m so why on earth do you think Mirallas is worth trwice the value of a player than he isn’t even better than?

  5. let him go if he wants straight swap deal for aaron lennon wouldnt b bad but 7 millions takin the piss spurs u jewish bastards use r cheeky


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