Spotted: Deulofeu at Finch Farm ahead of Everton transfer

Everton target Gerard Deulofeu has been spotted at Finch Farm today.

The Spanish winger has flown in to Liverpool and his whereabouts was given away by his girlfriend Mari Vilches Valle after she geotagged Liverpool into a tweet.

Deulofeu is closing in on a move to Goodison Park but a source closer to The Everton Forum has confirmed that Deulofeu was actually at Finch Farm today.

The Spain winger is close to a deal at the club although the final details of the proposal are being discussed between Everton officials and Barcelona.


Do you think Deulofeu is vital to Everton next season?


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  1. Everton desperately need pace on the wings so they can play on the counter. He will be a great signing. If he improves he’ll be Everton’s most important player in seasons to come.

    • Same source that gave us the fixtures before anyone else, has given us team news before anyone else, confirmed that Deulofeu was at FF again yesterday and many, many more things on the forum!


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