Jones: Barkley will be a different player next season after a long break

Everton assistant manager Graeme Jones feels that Ross Barkley will return to pre-season a different player after enjoying a nice break because he has had nearly 2 and a half years of constant football.

Jones feels that if Barkley has an adequate rest then the club will reap benefits and says that the midfielder hasn’t enjoyed a full summer off in over 2 years.

“I think what Ross needs to do is get a break from football. It’s been constant for him.

“I’d like to see him have week off and then he’s obviously going away with England which will keep his level of fitness up and then he can have a complete switch off.

“I think you’ll find again like a similar situation to Muhamed [Besic] that he’ll reflect on everything and come back a fresher, hungrier and more aware footballer.

“We’ll be excited to see his progress next season.”

Jones said: “The season before that he came back to pre-season late because he’d played in the Under-20s World Cup in Turkey. It’s been constant. After a while your freshness leaves you and you become a little bit stale.

“Ross is not that type of lad, he gives everything he’s got every single day and loves football.

“He’s certainly got the right attitude and the right aptitude for the job but these people are human beings, they’re not machines, they’re not robots and like everyone they need a break to get stronger and come back and do better.”

Speaking about Barkleys best position, he said: “Ross has had to play as a holding midfield player. He’s had to play as a number eight in a midfield three and he’s played wide left this season.

“It’s not difficult [to accommodate Barkley and Naismith in the same team]. It really depends on their moment of form and it depends on their moment of fitness.

“It depends on the opposition and it depends on the tactical need within the game. The situation hasn’t arrived yet where all of those things have fallen into place.

“They’re certainly appreciated, well-respected and trusted at Everton Football Club.

“The manager really assesses each game on its own merits. If he felt he needed two ‘number 10s’ then I’m sure tactically he would use them – that’s how he views the game.”


Where is Barkleys best position?


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