Martinez: The Everton directors think Lukaku will leave for a big club…. But not next season

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has revealed that the clubs directors expect Romelu Lukaku to leave Everton to play for one of the worlds biggest clubs, but certainly not this season.

Lukaku switched agents from Chrisophe Hentoray, who the club have a close relationship with, to self-proclaimed super-agent Mino Raiola and immediately the agent said that he would never have allowed Lukaku to join Everton if he was in charge.

“The Everton directors don’t have to think Rom will play there for the rest of his career. Later on, he’ll play for one of world’s best teams: PSG, Manchester City, Manchester United or Bayern Munich. Big names.”

Asked if he was worried that Lukaku would leave the club over the summer.

“I have no concerns at all,” he said. “I’ve said before Romelu is a vital player for us. He is someone we made a real big investment in because we believe in him.

“I always felt he has got the potential to become one of the best and it is not a worry whatsoever.

“At this present time all we want is for him to have a good break because last season coming back after the World Cup was tough and you have seen a different Romelu from January onwards. What we want is a good break for him and we will see the best of Romelu playing for Everton next season. I have no concerns about that at all.”

“His (Romelu’s) future is down to him, but it is down to us as well.

“It is making sure that we bring in enough competition as well because no-one has the position as a given.

“I think you need to earn the right to play for that number nine position at Everton. It is a historic position. It is not an easy fit but all we want is to be as strong as we can be going into next season and clearly Romelu Lukaku is one of the big players we are building the team around.”


Will Lukaku be the main Everton striker next season?


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  1. If he plays well and a big club comes in with a big offer for his services then I’ll wish him good luck. I like Lukaku but I wouldn’t lose sleep if he left. Losing Garbutt is pissing me off tho.

  2. To think lukaku is good enough to play for one of the big(sorry rich) clubs is folly he should stay with us and prove he is good enough for our shirt before anyone else’s.


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