Martinez: Duncan Ferguson represents Everton

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has been heaping praise on former Everton striker and current first team coach Duncan Ferguson and insists that he isn’t worry about losing his job to the big Scot.

Ferguson was promoted to first team coach by Martinez and he says that the blues Legend has a real close affinity to the players and he doesn’t mind speculation about Ferguson becoming manager as all the decisions he has made have been for the good of the club.

Martinez also revealed that Fergusons character has changed and he is no longer the player the fans saw on the pitch and that Ferguson is now a thinker who has some fantastic views on creative football.

‘I never had doubts about bringing him in,’ said Martinez. ‘I always work in a way that I make decisions for the good of the football club, not to protect myself, I would be very insecure if I did that.

‘We’re a better football club with Duncan Ferguson in the first team. The bond he has with the fans is because he has earned it because of his previous work with the football club and makes us stronger, rather than something to be worried about.
‘We are here for Everton, not to save the jobs of anyone.

‘Remember I made the decision to bring him in after I saw him working for a long period. Duncan is one of those football people who will impress you the moment you sit with him and speak about football.

‘He hasn’t got the temperament he had as a player. He is a thinker, he has a very creative football brain and then it is just the love and the loyalty and the feeling he has for Everton.’
‘Duncan is a very intelligent man and that means he knows how to be in every single situation,’ said Martinez. ‘He knows when he can be emotional, passionate, show his feelings and I hope everyone else can be the same.

‘He represents Everton. That was always vital for me, to have that representation in the first team, to have fantastic Evertonians and characters throughout the system.

‘I haven’t been surprised by Duncan because the impression I got from the first two months working with him was he is someone who when he takes on something does it to a really high standard. He has been a popular member of the staff.’


Do you think Ferguson will ever be Everton manager?


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