Lukaku just loves playing alongside Kone

Everton record signing Romelu Lukaku says he loves playing alongside striker Arouna Kone and even goes as far to describe it as heaven.

The Ivorian has suffered some flack over his Everton career from certain sections of the Everton crowd, but Lukaku won’t have any of it and says that playing with Kone allows him to concentrate on scoring goals.

“There were some games where I used to play down the sides, it didn’t work out for me,” Lukaku said.

“In all the games when I’ve played as a striker I have scored goals.

“So when the manager switched over with two strikers with Arouna, that was heaven for me because I could do whatever I wanted because there was somebody next to me who had a work ethic the same as me. It was very pleasing.

“The manager knew that if I had that type of distraction next to me on the pitch then I would much more free to score and create goals.

“Now, when you play with somebody next to you, you always know you are in a one v one situation.”

“With the Europa League, it was a bit different,” Lukaku said.

“If we only had the Europa League then it would have been easier for us.

“We played in the Europa League and teams couldn’t even touch us but we’d then go back into the league and sides who were under us would beat us.

“It shows that, in the Premier League, you can lose to anyone.

“But now you have to manage games and learn how to win in an ugly way, it is the truth.

“When you start playing in Europe and start suffering with fatigue then you need to win in an ugly way, at the end of the day you want three points, you don’t want to draw playing nice football.”


Will Kone still be at Everton next season or will he be sold?

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