Martinez: Lukaku is our only designated Penalty taker

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has declared that striker Romelu Lukaku is the clubs only designated penalty taker and says that they do have a number of decent spot kick specialists at the club.

Speaking to Sky Sports Martinez says that if Lukaku is on the pitch then he takes the penalties, but the club also have specialists like Gareth Barry and Leighton Baines who can step up.

“Romelu is the penalty taker. After that there are three or four players who can take the penalties. There is no such thing as a best penalty taker. I don’t agree with penalty takers being designated apart from Romelu being on the pitch. We have Leighton Baines who is a specialist, Gareth Barry who has an incredible record – it depends on how you feel at that moment. Ross showed incredible responsibility and Leighton Baines was happy to given him that responsibility.”

Is this poor management?


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  1. What garbage RM comes out with, Baines is the best penalty taker full stop, Barkley should never have taken the pen on Sat, so if if Lukaku is the pen taker, how could he, he wasn’t on the pitch, so Bainesy should have took it, end of! And saying we need only 2 or 3 new players, is he taking the p, again! 6 players who should go or be sold, Hibbert, Alcaraz, Mcgeady, Distin, Kone & possibly Barry, he played well Sat but he’s 34 & not getting any younger, and he’s been a liability this season, and Tim Howard could be easily added, but keep for back up to new keeper!

    • Martinez is totally stupid if he think Rom is our best penalty taker after
      Baines is record .one of the reasons Maurino got rid of him he mist an
      important penalty in the supercup.
      He was lucky to score his penalty against Dynamo Kiev


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