Sly Stallone: I should have bought Everton in 2007

Hollywood Legend and Everton Fan Sylvestor Stallone has said that he should have bought the club back in 2007 when he first became an Everton fan in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

The new face of Warburton bread said that if he knew then what he knew now he would have snapped the club up, but says that he would need to do a new Warburtons ad everyday for the next thousand years to afford it now.

Stallone said: “If I knew what I know now I’d have snapped it up.

“That was when football clubs were affordable but now it’s a billionaire’s game. I’d need to do one of these ads every day for the next 1,000 years…”

So there you have it, if Stallone had bought Everton, would we now see Arnold Schwarzenegger as Chief Exec?  Jet Li as Head of Marketing and Jason Statham as head of security?


Stallone or Kenwright?

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