Martinez: Lukaku is one of the most important signings we have ever made

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has praised his star striker Romelu Lukaku and hails it as one of the most important signings that Everton have ever made.

The Catalan has come out fighting following some disrespectful comments by the players new agent Mino Raiola who says that he wouldn’t have signed Lukaku to Everton if he was in charge at the time, but Martinez says that Lukaku is on a long term contract so the club needn’t worry

Martinez said: “He’s an agent who has worked just a short period of time with a new client. I’m not going to get involved talking about an agent.

“From my point of view, Romelu is one of the most important signings we have ever made. He has an incredible talent and, at 21, has a long-term contract.

“For me there is not an issue. He is an agent that for whatever reason needs to make those comments. I always speak with the players about those situations.”


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  1. He is a gobshite, only just took lukaku over and hes laying down the law, agents only cause ttouble and get paid thousands sooner the better we get rid of them the better if they sign a contract it should be binding


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