Everton announce Jamie Carragher as club ambassador

Everton have announced that they are looking to appoint 12 Evertonians to become club ambassadors over the next 12 months and have announced Jamie Carragher as their first.

It is well known that Carragher who played for city rivals Liverpool for 17 years was brought up as an Evertonian and still maintains a soft spot for the club.

carragher everton

Carragher was inducted as an ambassador by Everton chairman Bill Kenwright in a ceremony where he was presented with a lifetime unlimited ticket to blood brothers wrapped in a nice little round box.  Carragher was charged £50 for this.

Following the announcement Carragher said : “Ermmmm dats boss la”.

Club spokesman Watty Lowdaguf said: “Carragher has done wonders for showing how great Everton is in relation to other local football clubs.  As the 3rd best pundit on Monday night football, Carragher has shown that you don’t have to have been the best player in the world to critisise the best and this gives hope to everyone”


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