Stones: I’m learning when to hoof it

Everton centre back John Stones says that he has learnt loads this season and especially when he should put the ball in row Z and save getting sent off again.

Stones has endured a frustrating second season in the first team and recently caused a difference of opinions for the pundits with Gary Lineker saying he is right to dribble the ball our and Jamie Carragher saying he was wrong.

“I know now there are times when I’ve just got to get rid – and not get sent off!” Stones said.

“’I’ve got to learn that there is a time to play good football and Sunday against QPR wasn’t one of those days.

“The pitch wasn’t in our favour and it wasn’t the day for us to play.

“QPR pressed us high and from the Young Boys game – and since the start of the season – I have learnt, bit by bit and slowly, that I need to get rid at times.”

“We are in that bottom half of the table where we shouldn’t be so we needed to change our style of play a little bit and put our bodies on the line and whatever it took to get the three points, we needed to do that,” Stones said.

“We have got to take each games as it comes and that is how we approached things after Stoke and have got six points from our last two league games.

“We have got to keep going in that direction now, with a positive attitude and knowing that we can win a game however.

“We have needed to put our bodies on the line in order to get a result, we are going to have to do that in the last eight matches of the season.”


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