Martinez: There is no issue with Kevin Mirallas

Everton manager Roberto Martinez has said that there is no issue with Kevin Miallas and says that they are both in the same situation whereby they both want to be in the Champions League.

Martinez felt that an interview given in Belgium was taken out of context and that Mirallas is firmly committed to the Everton cause and that it is good that he has high hopes and aspirations.

“I haven’t got an issue so long as the player is not disrespectful to his team,” said Martinez. “As long as the player gives everything he has got in training, in games, I haven’t got an issue.

“It seems like we want to pick on Kevin Mirallas because he missed a penalty against West Brom. Now because (people say) he says he wants to leave we are picking on him. He did something so terrible taking the penalty…. I would tell you if there was an issue.

“There isn’t an issue. He is under contract.”

“I have got nothing to say,” said Martinez. “I have never had a conversation with Kevin when he has told me he is not happy. He wants to play, he wants to score goals, nothing unusual. I don’t see where the issue is.

“He has got a phenomenal career in front of him and all I am interested in is seeing him grow in the next few seasons with Everton. He has still got a contract with two and a half years left. There is no decision to be made.

“I haven’t seen the comments. I know he did an interview in Belgium and the way it was translated was taken out of context. Maybe it says something negative but I don’t think that is the case. I don’t see that as an issue.

“I believe that the comment was I want to play in the Champions League. We are in the same position. We want to win titles, we want to play in the Champions League. He is no different to any player in that he has high hopes and aspirations.

“He wants to achieve things.”


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